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NEDIS TCGP90100WT20 Telecom Cable RJ10 Male - RJ10 Male 2.0 m White
Code imp-0000032412

Price (With V.A.T.)2,40€



The company enables its customers and all interested parties to withdraw their old electronic device whether it be a laptop or desktop computer last decade. In return, the client has the opportunity to choose from the store he wants anything equal or greater value than the price you will receive credit for your computer or laptop you will want to withdraw.

The customer can come to shop, keeping the computer you want to withdraw, we are making the necessary computer components such as the exact model and serial number, leave us a contact number and after two working days, communicate with him to inform them of the amount of credit it deserves. The value of the laptop computer and the results from the control and modulated by the functional and physical condition (if it works, if it has scratches, dents, etc.), but also its age. Obviously the money is not responding to the initial value of your computer, but it's a respectable amount considering that the same PC or Laptop will result in a trash or recycling.

If the Client wishes to complete the process and accept the terms and conditions of this service withdrawals will return the device to exchange and in return will receive anything from the store chosen.


FAQ: Laptop

1. What is the return of the laptop;

  • Bring your old laptop from wherever you've gotten to our shop.
  • The shop assistant notes the essential elements of the laptop (exact model and serial number, etc.)
  • Leave a contact number.
  • After 2 working days to inform you of the amount of the credit you deserve.
  • If you wish to complete the exchange of picking your new laptop or any of our 10,000 products from all categories.
  • Complete the process in the fund paying the remaining value of the product purchased.

2. It is mandatory to make a purchase of a new product on the same day and I make the exchange?

You can purchase using coupon exchange up to one month after its release. You must be in your possession coupon and redemption is made by ID.

3. Can I return any laptop;

You can return any laptop from wherever you have acquired regardless of his physical condition. The program applies to traffic patterns within the last decade.

4. How do you assess the Laptop back?

Your laptop is evaluated by the company and depending on its condition determines the value.

5. When a laptop is in good condition?

A laptop is in good condition if the following conditions are met:

  • Activated its battery without using the charger
  • The monitor is working properly and has less than 5 pixel inactive
  • No pieces missing and no missing / broken keys.
  • The unit is in good condition without showing cracks or Raisis
  • The charger is optional, but if included in the exchange, the final amount you earn will increase.

6. What happens to data that might have in laptop;

All data stored on your laptop will be erased, so you must arrange for their storage. If you wish, we can take their storage.

7. If the Exchange may cancel and get my device back?

Once you complete the exchange is not possible cancellation. You can cancel the exchange at any stage before final completion.

8. What papers do I need with me to make the exchange?

To make the exchange will need to bring with you only your identity. This way you protect them by preventing the sale of stolen devices.


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Θήκη Σε Μαύρo Χρώμα Phone Pouch 1701
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Θήκη Σε Γαλάζιο Χρώμα Phone Pouch 1901
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Price (With V.A.T.)2,50€
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