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NEDIS CCGP89000BK Cat 5 Network Adapter, RJ45 Female - RJ45 Female, Black
Code imp-0000032417

Price (With V.A.T.)3,00€


Now your visits in our store I-Tech become even more profitable with the new BONUS Gift Card. With the new card we can now collect points on every purchase and reward you with offers and gifts. The card is not a credit card and has no expiration date and has no subscription. Participation is personal, each member may only have one membership account having its own password.

How do you get a BONUS card;

Already registered customers of our store have the opportunity to acquire new Bonus Gift Card. For those who are not registered and wish to become a member there are two ways:

  • By recording directly to our shop, where you are given directly on the card, and which is ready for use. On your next purchase and any purchase points will be completed.


  • By registering online. Registration can be done online through our website: http://www.i-techshop.gr/EN, where he completes the online form for account creation, and sends it via e-mail. Automatically sent to the e-mail requesting the code card and the card itself is sent by post to the address stated in the next few days.

The BONUS gift card can be used as a gift to the beloved and / or your celebrating!

The process to make a BONUS gift is:

  1. Give us the details of his / her favorite / to you.
  2. Put some money in credit card in his / her favorite / nd you are translating into points to redeem them at our store.
  3. Give a BONUS Gift Card to / favorite to / come to you and get a gift of his choice that he wishes choosing among 10,000 products from all categories depending on the points of the match.

Rewarding new customer!

With each new BONUS Gift Card every new customer automatically earns 100 points as a reward for his inclusion in the store I-Tech. The same goes for each BONUS gift card to make a gift to / not favorite / to you.



300 points Case Phone Pouch (black / khaki / orange / blue color) or car charger of your choice
500 points Bluetooth Jabra or energizer charger of your choice
1000 points Bluetooth car Kit of your choice
1500 points PC Accessories DAC  50 € worth of your choice
2000 points Gadget - Gifts100 € worth of your choice
3000 points Car DVD-Player + Monitor Venturer + Accessories pc DAC value of 80 € your choice


How to use the BONUS card;

Complete as many points as you can in the following ways: With every purchase you are given one point. 1 € = 1 point!

Where do you redeem your points?

Your points can only be redeemed in-store I-Tech in which you have issued your card.

Fill in the application to obtain the new Bonus Gift Card and take advantage of our offers:

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Universal charger multi adaptor
Universal charger multi adaptor for most
Code Univ-multi

Local Shop Price 19,00€
Price reduce by 50%
Price (With V.A.T.)9,50€
Black Universal Leather Case TES/BC/2053
Black Universal Mini-Flip Style Leather
Code universal

Local Shop Price 10,00€
Price reduce by 50%
Price (With V.A.T.)5,00€
Promos Memory  512 MB, PC2-4200U
Promos Memory 512 MB, PC2-4200U
Code V916764K24

Local Shop Price 10,00€
Price reduce by 50%
Price (With V.A.T.)5,00€
Western Digital IDE HDD  80Gb
Western Digital IDE HDD WD800BB 80Gb
Code WD800BB

Price (With V.A.T.)19,00€
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