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PC-EWB 1079 ΠΑΓΟΜΗΧΑΝΗ 1.7L     501079
PC-EWB 1079
Code imp-0000032629

Price (With V.A.T.)200,20€
Pc Repairs 

REPAIR PC-laptops.


Did you notice your computer crashes? Has become slower? Does slow to load Windows; throws you blue screens and do not know why We can control all computer devices as well as software to pinpoint the problem with modern equipment available, latest technology and experienced technicians. After diagnosis will estimate the cost of repairing your computer, and you know if you agree we can proceed to repair. We can repair even the most difficult damage your device and everything where others technical "raise their hands" we will succeed. Forget the hassle to repair your device ....

Now, I-Tech, you deliver it directly within a few days (subject to availability of spare parts), repaired with a written warranty parts and labor. For the device under warranty if we damage the damage suffered is not covered by the official delegation or customer complies Joined repair it.

What do your devices:

  • Upgrades
  • Installing an operating system
  • Installing software
  • Repairs detached components from overheating or vibrations caused by falls.
  • Repairs difficulty reading systems (lasers, lens)
  • Change language
  • Cleaning of viruses
  • Unlock user code
  • Repair or replacement of mechanical parts such as reading devices (lens, laser), headphones, microphones, keyboards, webcams, speakers, facades
  • Repair or replacement of electronic parts such as monitors, inverters, charging contacts, battery contact ...
  • Clear the board from dust and moisture!


Repairing laptops


Laptop were always the challenge to repair them as the opening to diagnose problems and to repair, require sufficient specificity the grounds for the complex assembly and complexity of circuits. Experienced technicians I-Tech, specializing in disassembly and repair laptop, make a thorough diagnosis of your laptop and suggest the most economical method of repair. We repair - service Laptop any brand (even import laptop sold in the Greek market!). The diagnosis of your laptop will not charge if you prefer not to repair it. Any problem you presents your laptop, do not hesitate to ask!

The minimum cost of labor to repair Notebook (simple case) is 15 euro including VAT *.
The minimum cost of labor to repair Notebook (complex case) is 30 euro including VAT *.

* (This does not include the cost of parts-accessories).

Repair desktop

To repair fixed H / Y, the first is the diagnosis of the problem of H / Y, then the identification of any defective parts (hardware) or any software issues (software) and includes:

Identify the problem occurs on the computer and peripheral devices.
Checking operation.

The cost for the testing of your PC is FREE

The minimum cost of labor to repair the H / PC - Desktop PC is 15 € including VAT *.

Labor costs for installing additional programs is 15 € incl.

Labour costs for cleanup of viruses and other malware is 15 € incl.

Labor costs for repair-upgrade operating system is 20 € incl.

Labor costs for installing the operating system is 30 € incl.

The labor cost for the repair of H / PC with operating system installation and maintenance copying files (back up) and restore them after installing the operating system is 40 € incl.

* (This does not include the cost of parts-accessories).

Operating System Installation

Once purchased the H / PC and want to install MS Windows and the necessary programs to function properly as MS Office, Antivirus, Nero etc? Want to freshen up the old version of your operating system? Installing an operating system includes installing MS Windows, positioning guides, and all the necessary basic programs required for proper operation of the computer.

The cost for this service is 30 € incl.

Upgrade - Repair Operating System

The H / Y you are slow to start? Started, Windows does not start correctly?
Want to improve the speed of your computer? It's time to upgrade.
Utilize this service for any PC or laptop, regardless of warranty and manufacturer. The cost for this service is 20 € incl.


Losing important data can happen to anyone at anytime and it's really annoying! Favorite photos, important files, projects on which we have worked months may be lost due to a bug in the operating system or even your hard disk by a virus attack on a tour of our online or incompatibility another program tried to install. The professional staff of I-Tech, you can back up all your data stored on your computer. your personal data can have peace of mind ...! The technician will prepare a list of all the files you want to backup, it will perform virus scan all files to be transferred and the net most files will transfer them to another storage medium. The duration and cost of the service depends on the volume of data and the storage medium.

The minimum cost for this service is 15 € incl.

Cleaning Virus - Antivirus Installation

After some time surfing the internet or adding computer programs etc. very likely to see delays in startup or startup programs and overall system responsiveness. Many times these delays due to various types of viruses. Removing viruses from a computer other times it is a simple process and sometimes more complex. This depends largely on the number of virus infected that computer and the nature of viruses. To clean the computer from viruses, installing antivirus software specialists. Set up Parental Controls - Parental Control (if supported by appropriate software protection). Then with scanning the hard disk and other storage media. Finally, restore the computer to its original functioning.

The minimum cost for this service is 15 € incl.

Application Service Providers - SERVICE


PRODUCTS FOR Scrutineering Repair - SERVICE

Collect and Return - transfer from and to the service

If you want to send from anywhere in Greece, your product for repair, the Technical Support Center I-Tech we take the transport for you!

Following the enthusiastic response from our customers for the service Service Collect and Return, we are able to announce the low rates of our service, costing only 10 € (including VAT). This value applies to both directions (from our headquarters and in our headquarters), weighing up to 5 pounds. For more than 5 pounds, the fee is 1.20 € per extra kilo over the 5. For areas that are inaccessible or remote differentiate cost consultation with our store. This cost is the cost of transportation rather than repair costs. If you do not wish to repair or replace the device, you will only be charged the cost of transport is 10 €. Sending and delivery of the product to the two directions is done with a company with courier, using the services of a courier company General Postal.

The service I-Tech Service Collect and Return addressed to holders of H / PC, laptop, netbook and mobile phones and aims to better serve you so you do not have to spend time on your commute. If you wish to use any of our services, please fill in your details here and your problem soon and one of our representatives will call you to serve you.

Process of sending device:

  • For safe transportation of your product on our site, you should pack the item in its original packaging. If you do not have the original packaging must pack the product securely in a box or in suitable packaging products that the transfer be done safely. Use a box or container, with at least 5 cm distance between portable computer (laptop) and box / box. Fill this space with bubble sheets or other packaging material. The packing material should fill the entire air gap to prevent movement of the notebook (laptop) during transport. The package should include only the product and the necessary components (eg laptop with charger). Place the charger on the side of the computer as this will prevent any damage can be caused by applying pressure on the LCD. No need to include accessories such as cables, batteries, mice, joysticks unless you think any of these has a problem and needs to control it prevents the proper operation of your product. It is necessary for the customer to arrange for the proper packaging of the product to place maximum protection during shipping.


  • Complete the form service, typing in the last name field, the name and address in BLOCK letters (PAPADOPOULOS NIKOS), your email address with your LATIN characters and also why sending your device for inspection and repair. For the best information and service you use the mobile phone number. Print the form, or copy it to a paper towel and place it along with the product packaging for shipment.


  • For items that can be sent to the devices, you can see the contact details on our home page. You can call the General Mail to receive from your site or to call it for you and then contact us to send us your device.

  • After receiving your device to store our consideration of the technical department in 1-2 business there is a cost estimate. Then made telephone contact with the client to update on the repair costs and possible solutions. If the client is consistent, the technical department proceeds to repair the device and at the end of the repair customer is informed of the outcome. If the customer is not consistent with the cost of repair, the device is returned to charge only the cost of transportation in the amount of 10 €.

Please fill in the email form here (Repair / PC - Laptop), tell us your problem and we will contact you.

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