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HP Pavilion 22 Touchscreen all in one
HP Pavilion 22 Touchscreen all in one
Code HP_22

Price (With V.A.T.)399,00€
Availability Available
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Orders with a total weight exceeding 2 kg extra costs are € 1,20 per kilo.
(Shipping costs are by courier 5.00 million to 5 pounds. Every additional kilo costs 1.20 euros.
If your order is over 99.00 euros will be charged only the cost for the extra weight.)
In this particular case will contact the sales department with your total shipping cost.

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* Send by courier: 5.00 €

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• For same day sending or receiving saturday shipping costs are € 15,00.

Shipping prices include VAT (23%).

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For heavy items you want to send your interest by sending a transport agent. The charge in this way is 5 €, otherwise we will contact you and unfortunately are not accepted on delivery. It should be depositing the order amount to our bank account.


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Samsung Memory  512MB PC2-5300
Samsung Memory 512MB PC2-5300
Code DDR2-512MB-S-0

Local Shop Price 10,00€
Price reduce by 50%
Price (With V.A.T.)5,00€
Ram type:DDR2
Availability Available
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Elpida Memory 2GB, PC2-5300
Elpida Memory 2GB, PC2-5300
Code DDR2_2GB_elp

Local Shop Price 28,00€
Price reduce by 5%
Price (With V.A.T.)26,60€
Availability Available
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Hynix Memory 2GB PC2-6400
Hynix Memory 2GB PC2-6400
Code DDR2_2GB_hynix

Price (With V.A.T.)25,00€
Availability Available
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Dell Δερμάτινη τσάντα Laptop DP/NORF076
Dell Leather Premium Carrying Case
Code dell_bag

Local Shop Price 39,00€
Price reduce by 25.6%
Price (With V.A.T.)29,00€
Availability Available
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Sports Elite II  4344  BY BODI-TEK
Sports Elite II 4344
Code Elite_II

Price (With V.A.T.)49,00€
Availability Available
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